A 5 step guide on how to assess plant extracts

Pancosma has developed a guide with 5 steps to evaluate phytomolecules based products and assess plant extracts. This guide aims to help final users learn more about how to differentiate products and how to assess their quality and efficacy. The interest for phytomolecules in animal diets is increasing, fuelled by global efforts to reduce in-feed antibiotics and to promote gut health in livestock animals. But what determines a good plant extract and/or essential oil?

The amount of phytomolecules that are entering the market is big and no wonder end users can sometimes be confused about what to choose and why. This is why animal nutrition company Pancosma has developed the FITEK method (FITEK stands for F: formula, I: investment, T: technology, E: experience and K: knowledge). Here we explain what it entails.

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